Moving to Simpsonville, South Carolina – Important Things To Know

Things To Know About Simpsonville, SC

Simpsonville is a small city situated at South Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Simpsonville, SC is a district with a population of about 22,234. The town is a superb destination for families and young couples. It has plenty of jobs and great schools to choose from. Most residents within the city tend to lean conservative. Visit this link for more information.

Simpsonville History

South Carolina has a significant history, and Simpsonville is no different. The Austin family arrived in the town in 1774c and became the first settlers. The Battle of the Great Cane Brake was fought near the city in 1775 and was a victory for the Americans. Simpsonville got going until Peter Simpson arrived in the town to open a post office and blacksmithery. Peter built up a community around the area through his hard work, which was later named in his honor. Simpsonville was formally incorporated in 1901, and by 1994 it became the fastest growing city in the region. Read about Mauldin, South Carolina is a Family-Friendly City here.

Nicknamed for Prosperity

Simpsonville is a part of “The Golden Strip,” which includes Fountain Inn and Mauldin. This is because it is one of the areas experiencing tremendous growth. The local section of Interstate-385 is referred to as The Golden Strip Highway, while most businesses use Simpsonville as a nickname for their business titles.