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When there is conflict within the family, it can bring a lot of pain and stress and can be a very overwhelming experience for anybody who’s involved.

At Davis Law, our family law attorney understands that these intensely private and personal matters are often difficult and uncomfortable to go through. We are compassionate advocates who will work tirelessly to protect your rights and your family’s best interests. Our top priorities are to represent our clients with respect, dignity, and integrity. Our emphasis on personalized and compassionate representation sets us apart from our competition. You will have direct involvement with our attorney from the very first office appointment and throughout the entire legal process.

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The South Carolina Family Court comes in contact with more individuals than any other court system in our state. Our promise is simple: Aggressive representation to help secure what matters most….your family’s future. When going through a family transition, nothing is more important than your relationship with your children and your financial future. Unlike many firms, we offer a free initial consultation for Greenville family law cases. The Davis Law Group is a full-service family law litigation firm. Our family law attorneys accept the following types of cases:

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Greenville Family Law FAQ's

I'm considering filing for divorce, what should I do?

The divorce process takes place when a Summons and Complaint is filed in the family court by either you or your spouse. The process can endure depending on how complex the case is. In addition, seeking legal consultation with family court lawyers is naturally a good idea when dealing with major life events or changes like divorce. A family court lawyer working by your side ensures that not only your rights are protected but also your children’s. It is our job to steer you to the justice system by developing a customized solution that brings you that peace of mind and ensures the current and future security of what you hold dearest.

What Are The Grounds For Divorce In South Carolina?

In Palmetto State, there are five grounds for divorce all of which fall under either a fault-based or no-fault. The four fault-based grounds involve acts of adultery, alcohol or narcotics abuse, physical violence, and desertion for over a year. Moreover, separation of more than one year constitutes the fifth ground otherwise known as a no-fault.

Who Can Take Custody Of The Children?

Both parents will have equal rights and can agree on custody of their child\ren. However, if an agreement cannot be decided by both, the court will then decide based on the interest of the child/ren which can involve a myriad of factors like their welfare and sometimes their preference.

How Is Child Support Decided?

Child support in South Carolina can now be determined by using a formula in order to determine how much you are required to expend in child support – with the exception of exceptionally high income earning individuals in which other factors are taken into account. As opposed to basing child support on wonder, the expenses for the children are estimated and then divided between the parents while factoring in custody obligations and income.

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What is Alimony In Regard To Greenville Family Law?

Alimony is a financial support required by the court to be given to one’s spouse following a divorce. The alimony could be paid in a lump sum or periodic depending on the circumstances. Courts can award the following types:

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How is Property Divided?

The Family Court in the state of South Carolina will divide marital property that is jointly acquired when the divorce is being decided. When it comes to equitable division, it is essential to understand that the goal is to distribute the assets fairly as opposed to equally dividing them. However, non-marital properties may take an exception. The non-marital property encompasses the properties you have acquired before the marriage.

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We’ll never fall short in giving you the best legal help and representation as well as treating your unique case with the utmost care, respect, and sensitivity that any Greenville family law attorney could possibly give. We have the best family court lawyers who will be there to listen to all of your concerns and to make it easier for you to navigate through this difficult time. Talk to one of our family court lawyers today, free of obligations.

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We are experienced trial lawyers who care about our clients. With us you’ll never feel like you have to face your situation alone. As attorneys, problem solving is our job and helping clients create a path forward is why we do it.