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Attorney Ric Davis has been helping the people of South Carolina solve their legal issues since 1984. Along with Attorney Will Davis, the Davis Law Group brings their special brand of compassionate legal services to personal injury cases, worker’s compensation disputes, nursing home neglect cases, premises liability cases, disputes over insurance coverage, and all aspects of family law.

Family Lawyer In Lyman, SC

There is no other part of South Carolina law that requires such a delicate touch.  This is why it is so important to choose a family law attorney in Lyman, SC at Davis Law Group who has such extensive experience. 

Family matters are quite personal. And family matters disrupt your entire life. Attorneys Davis and Davis have handled these intensely personal matters thousands of times over the years. They are the epitome of discretion.

Whether you are looking for a divorce lawyer, or an attorney to re-negotiate your child custody and visitation rights, it’s important to call Davis Law Group if you want a positive outcome.  You can put your mind at rest by scheduling a free initial consultation where you will speak directly with an attorney who can guide you in the right direction.

Custody Disputes

This aspect of family law is particularly complex and stressful for everyone involved.  Many times, a Lyman divorce attorney can help parents settle their custody disputes by keeping calm and offering sound advice. At Davis Law Group our custody lawyers are experienced and skilled at modification orders when a spouse needs to move away, court order enforcement, and abuse and neglect situations. 

If you are looking for “family lawyers near me,” Lyman residents will be in good hands with the Davis Law Group.  They have the legal skills necessary to handle custody disputes in common-law marriages and LGBTQ unions.  They are experienced in father’s rights, paternity issues, annulments, and grandparent’s rights.

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Personal Injury Lawyer In Lyman, SC

Personal injury is a highly misunderstood part of South Carolina law. Many people believe that a personal injury lawyer in Lyman, SC only handles car and truck accidents. Personal injury attorneys indeed handle car and truck accidents, but there are dozens of other ways a person can be injured through no fault of their own. 

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Premises Liability

If you fall on someone else’s property and are injured, you will need a Lyman personal injury attorney.  Commonly called a “slip and fall” accident, people who own property are required to keep their property safe for people to walk on.  When they don’t, and a person gets hurt, the property owner is responsible for paying for the damages caused by the injury. 

The Lyman slip and fall lawyers at Davis Law Group have handled hundreds of these cases.  They know the pertinent laws and they know the national safety standards and guidelines. they will protect your rights.

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Medical Injuries

Another area of personal injury handled by the Lyman personal injury lawyer at Davis Law Group is the area of medicine.  There are two kinds of medical injuries: drugs and malpractice.

Prescription drugs can have different effects on different people.  Sometimes a drug will cause serious harm to a person.  The manufacturer is responsible for the safety of the drugs it sells.  If there is a defect when the drugs are manufactured, the manufacturer is responsible for injuries caused by taking that drug. 

Most commonly, manufacturers neglect to give adequate warnings about harmful side effects that can happen. This negligence makes the pharmaceutical company responsible for any injuries suffered by the patient. The Lyman personal injury attorney at the Davis Law Group know exactly how to litigate this type of personal injury.

Medical malpractice is another personal injury area handled by the experienced lawyers at Davis Law Group. Nobody is perfect, and unfortunately, sometimes doctors make mistakes that cause serious harm to patients. When safety protocols are not followed and someone is injured, patients need a personal injury lawyer in Lyman, SC. 

Car and Truck Accidents

A motor vehicle accident can completely upend your life. It comes out of the blue and suddenly you can’t work, and you can’t pay your bills and you don’t understand the laws that affect you. 

When a motor vehicle accident happens, call a Lyman car accident attorney at Davis Law Group.

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Car Accident Lawyer In Lyman, SC

The car accident attorneys at Davis Law Group know the car accident laws in the State of South Carolina. Car accident attorney Ric Davis will explain to you that the State of South Carolina is an at-fault state. 

This means that whoever is found to be the cause of the accident will be responsible for paying compensation to the injured person.  It is important to choose a Lyman accident injury lawyer who has superb negotiating skills because most personal injury cases are settled in negotiations before the case goes to court.

The at-fault laws in South Carolina are rather complicated and victims need a Lyman car accident lawyer to help them figure out how they work.  The at-fault laws are not straightforward.  South Carolina has comparative fault provisions. As the police and the insurance attorneys investigate the accident, they will decide who carries how much of the fault. 

In many cases, one driver is found to be mostly at fault while the injured person might be found to be partially at fault.  The investigators will assign a percentage of fault.  You will need a car accident attorney to help you find your way through this situation.

In the State of South Carolina, if a driver is found to be 100% responsible for an accident, then that driver’s insurance has to pay 100% of your damages. On the other hand, if you are found to be 20% responsible for the accident, then you can only collect 80% of your damages.

As you can see, this can get complicated quickly. Much depends on the accident scene and the findings of the police.  The at-fault driver’s car insurance will be quick to point out anything that can make you seem to be at fault. With the right Lyman accident lawyer from Davis Law Group, you can save yourself a lot of problems.

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Proving Your Car Accident Claim

When you have the right personal injury attorney, they will be able to help you with proving your claim.  It’s important to remember that you not only have medical bills to pay, but you also have a loss of income, medical bills that may come up in the future related to the accident, and the costs of the possibility of years of rehab. But in addition to all this, in the State of South Carolina, you are entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured and may continue to endure for years to come.

Our car accident lawyer will be able to help you with establishing proof. Davis Law Group will document exactly how the accident happened and why you believe the other driver is at fault.  They will dig for information from all sources including the accident scene to improve your chances of establishing fault.  

Davis Law Group will obtain all your medical records to prove exactly what injuries you sustained.  In their negotiations, they will be able to list your medical treatments and their costs. They will have the information to show what the doctor plans for your ongoing recovery.

In addition, they know how to establish the ways your life has been altered because of the accident so that this can be used during the negotiations with the insurance adjusters and attorneys.

Truck Accident Lawyer In Lyman, SC

If you have been injured by a commercial vehicle, the stakes are even higher. Your Lyman truck accidents lawyer at Davis Law Group knows that truck drivers are held to different standards than ordinary drivers. If they don’t meet these standards, it is up to your attorney to investigate why they were on the road in the first place. 

In addition, the company that hired the commercial truck driver bears responsibility as well.  The hiring company must make sure they check out the background of the driver.  If it is found that the truck driver has a history of drinking problems, or does not have a clean driving record, these are more items that can prove the truck driver was at fault.

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Also, truck drivers are responsible for making sure their equipment is in proper working condition before they go out on the road.  When your Lyman truck accident lawyer can show that the truck driver should have known his brakes were faulty, this is another area that can be challenged in negotiations. 

As you can see, personal injuries sustained during car and truck accidents can be very complicated to litigate and negotiate without the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. 

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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer In Lyman, SC

Workers in South Carolina who are injured on the job may be entitled to workers’ compensation regardless of fault. Our workers’ compensation lawyers in South Carolina work tirelessly to help injured employees secure weekly or lump sum compensation and medical care. The workers’ comp lawyers at Davis Law Group are currently accepting both SC and Federal Workers Compensation claims. While workers’ compensation laws provide certain benefits to injured employees, the system can be complicated. A worker’s compensation lawyer can help you through this process.