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Workers’ Comp In South Carolina

Workers in South Carolina who are injured on the job may be entitled to workers’ compensation regardless of fault. Our workers’ compensation lawyers in South Carolina work tirelessly to help injured employees secure weekly or lump sum compensation and medical care. While workers’ compensation laws provide certain benefits to injured employees, the system can be complicated. An attorney can help you through this process. 

Things To Know About Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is insurance provided by an employer or their insurance carrier to provide wage and medical benefits to their employees who sustain injury at work. The Workers’ Compensation Act in SC requires all employers having hired at least four employees to have this particular insurance for all persons employed by them, with the exception of casual workers who are only required to work when needed and who don’t work for a regular number of working hours.

If you are injured on the job, your employer’s workers’ comp both protects you and the company financially. Moreover, it is the responsibility of your employer’s insurance carrier or your employer itself to pay the claims of your workers’ compensation. However, while workers’ compensation is intended to help you as employees cover the losses due to work-related injuries, some insurance carriers may try to protect their own interests instead.

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What Should You Do If You Get Injured On The Job?

If you are injured on the job the first thing you should do is immediately notify your employer. With very few exceptions, there is a strict 90-day reporting period. Thereafter, you should file a formal claim with the SC Workers Compensation Commission and seek legal assistance with our workers’ comp lawyer.

If your claim is accepted you may be entitled to receive medical treatment, but this treatment is limited to doctors chosen by your employer and their insurance carrier. One of the many pitfalls that await the unsuspecting injured worker is the insurance companys’ legal right to select the treating physician. Your right to medical care and compensation will be significantly influenced by the medical provider’s description of both the cause of the injury as well as the severity of the injury.

It’s of high importance to consult  and be guided by an experienced South Carolina workers’ comp lawyer quickly if you have been injured and are in need of assistance. The experienced experts at Davis Law will help guide you through the workers’ comp claim process.

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Am I Eligible to File A Claim?

Individuals in almost any kind of profession, from school teachers, doctors to construction workers, are at risk of sustaining an injury while at work. The types of injuries can range from one-time accidents, like falls and vehicular dangers, to those sustained over the course of time by repetitive stress or exposure to harmful substances. 

Whatever type of injury you may have sustained and are suffering from, it is very likely that the insurance company will work as hard as they can to either pay out as little compensation to you as possible or outright deny your claim. In addition, you should not use your own medical insurance just to pay for the cost that your work-related injuries have incurred because treatments may not be reimbursable through the workers’ compensation.

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What To Expect When Facing Insurance Companies

The insurance company’s right to select the injured worker’s physician unfortunately has the potential to create a bias by the medical provider in favor of the insurance company instead of his patient–the injured worker. Remember that insurance companies are in the business of making money. They do this by minimizing the amount they pay out in claims. The insurance company will not tell you that they are communicating with the physician in an effort to influence the outcome of the medical report. The insurance company has lawyers and very experienced claims adjusters who know the system. Therefore, injured workers need legal counsel from a seasoned workers’ comp lawyer at Davis Law Group.

Davis Law Group Is Your Best Legal Shield

The workers’ compensation lawyers at Davis Law Group are ready to fight to protect the injured workers rights. The Davis Law Group has extensive experience representing individuals with denied and disputed workers’ compensation claims. Employees work hard for the benefit of their employer, and we make sure you are afforded the protection that you deserve. We are experienced in helping clients navigate the workers’ compensation system to give them their best chance to the legal protections and medical treatment they deserve.