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Greenville Car Accident Lawyer Outlines How To Recognize Refusal Of Liability

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(Greenville, SC, February 2023) A Greenville car accident lawyer at Davis Law Group is warning residents to be aware of insurance company tactics that can be used to deny liability following a car accident. According to their car accident lawyers, many insurers will attempt to shift the blame away from their policyholder and onto the other driver involved in order to minimize payouts.

Insurance companies in South Carolina often use the following tactics to deny liability following a car accident:

  1. Blame Shifting: This tactic is used to shift blame away from the insured party and onto the other driver involved in order to avoid a payout.
  2. Insufficient Evidence: Insurance companies may attempt to minimize payouts by failing to provide enough evidence of property damage or claiming that there is insufficient proof that the other driver caused the accident.
  3. Quick Settlements: Insurers may pressure drivers into quickly accepting a settlement before establishing liability, so they can avoid paying out for a claim altogether.
  4. Prior Incidents: The insurer will try to assign fault for the accident based on an unrelated prior incident involving one of the drivers, or a pre-existing medical condition regardless of whether it was their fault or not.

The law firm’s car accident attorney encourages all drivers who are involved in a crash, regardless of fault, to be on guard against ploys, such as blaming the other party for an unrelated prior incident or failing to provide enough evidence of property damage. Insurance companies may also put pressure on drivers to quickly accept a settlement offer before establishing liability.

To help protect themselves from these deceptive practices, the firm’s car accident attorney recommends that drivers collect comprehensive evidence at the scene of the accident, such as photos and eyewitness accounts, along with maintaining proper documentation like medical bills or car repair estimates. Additionally, they should never sign any documents without consulting with a legal professional beforehand.

By understanding how insurance companies operate and properly protecting themselves following an accident, drivers can ensure their rights are protected throughout the claims process.

At Davis Law Group, they understand that being involved in a car accident can be a confusing and overwhelming experience. That’s why their Greenville car accident attorney provides their clients with the highest quality representation and service, treating them with dignity and respect throughout the entire process.

The law firm’s Greenville car accident attorney takes a personalized approach to each case, getting directly involved from the initial consultation until the conclusion of the matter. They strive to be different from other firms by offering compassionate representation that gives their clients peace of mind during this difficult time.

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