Davis Law Group Outlines Some of the Instances When Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney is Ideal

Workers Compensation In Greenville, SC

Davis Law Group is a leading civil litigation law firm committed to helping clients get the deserved compensation. In a recent update, the firm has outlined when hiring a workers’ compensation attorney is needed.

(Greenville, SC January 2021) Davis Law Group has advised on when hiring a workers’ compensation attorney is ideal. It’s of high importance to consult and be guided by an experienced Greenville workers’ comp lawyer quickly if you have been injured and are in need of assistance. The experienced workers’ compensation lawyers at Davis Law Group will help guide you through the workers’ comp claim process. 

One of the most common instances of when someone who was injured at their employer needs to hire a workers’ compensation attorney is when an employer states that the accident did not actually occur on their premises. Sometimes an employer may try to state the accident did not occur at work if the injury took time to become aggravated. The same can be said about injuries with chemical exposure over time.

Another example when someone should hire a workers’ compensation lawyer is when they suffer severe injuries. Permanent disabilities that prevent someone from returning to work are also likely to be fought by insurance companies because of the money involved in such cases.

A victim can also seek the services of a workers’ comp lawyer when the employer is using delay tactics. This is an instance where the employer is taking their time with the claim and not moving it along appropriately, which should take no more than 30 days to complete.

Lastly, it is prudent to hire an attorney if the insurance companies deny the claim. This is when an expert is needed, and one should contact a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible.

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