Davis Law Group in Greenville, South Carolina Explains Nursing Home Neglect Claims

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Greenville, SC

As a law firm with over 40 years of experience in injury cases, the Davis Law Group is explaining to residents of the Greenville area what constitutes nursing home neglect.

(Greenville, SC  January 2021)  When Greenville residents have to place a loved one into a nursing home, they naturally try very hard to pick the best nursing home they can afford.  Unfortunately, even with their best efforts sometimes a particular nursing home is not as good as expected.

The attorneys at Davis Law Group have seen this far too often.  When residents suspect that their loved one has been abused or neglected, it is vitally important to have a personal injury law firm in Greenville to help them navigate the laws.

But residents may wonder how they can tell if their relative is being neglected or abused.  Often elderly patients can’t verbalize what is happening to them. The injury attorneys in Greenville at Davis Law Group are explaining what to look for.

If your loved one has fallen, this is a prime indicator of neglect.  Even if a patient has not fallen before, attendants should be standing nearby close enough to keep them from falling. An accident attorney in Greenville can guide you through the reporting process.

Another sign of neglect is the presence of pressure ulcers, commonly called bed sores.  It is difficult to keep bed sores from forming because elderly skin is so thin, but if attendants are turning the patients often enough then bedsores should be rare.

In South Carolina, both federal and state laws are present so nursing home residents are protected. In fact, it is even considered a crime when an individual fails to report witnessing any form of abuse, neglect or exploitation towards a nursing home resident. It’s important to report nursing home neglect or abuse so that it won’t happen to someone else.

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