Reasons for Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Ric Davis

Our law firm is often contacted by individuals who have sustained serious injuries while at work and don’t know their rights. They are not sure whether they should get a workers’ compensation attorney or not. There are numerous reasons why people hesitate on hiring a workers’ comp attorney.

You might want to handle the claim on your own. However, you should know that the insurance company’s adjuster’s work is to make a profit by reducing the total expenses of all claims, including the benefits provided to you. If they do their job well, you will get less compensation and the insurance company will make more in profits.

There are various reasons for working with a workers’ comp lawyer. They include:

It is not Costly

Workers’ compensation attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means that you will pay them a portion of the compensation only if they win your case.

Ensuring you Get the Compensation you Deserve

One of the vital variables in workers’ compensation claims is the weekly income. The weekly compensation rate is the basis for all future compensation benefits including the disability money you get while you are not working and is the basis of the compensation you get at the end of your claim. If the insurer undervalues the weekly wage, you will be getting little cash during the claim. A good example are cases of dual employment where the employee worked two jobs. Both should be considered in establishing the amount of weekly compensation 

Other benefits like future loss of earning capacity, job retaining or house modifications ect should be considered.   Having a workers’ comp attorney ready to help will assist you in ensuring that you get every penny you deserve.

Ensuring Your Rights are Protected

When you deal directly with the adjuster, you might not know all your rights. For instance, you might be told that you can’t claim an injury since you had pre-existing conditions, or because you did not promptly seek medical care.  Having a workers’ comp attorney on your side eliminates the insurance company from mistreating you and violating your legal rights.

Ready to Solve Your Problems

Most people decide to work with a workers’ compensation attorney only after a serious issue has arisen in their workers’ compensation case. There are procedures for solving these types of issues promptly. You need to request a hearing at the workers’ compensation commission and present medical evidence. To achieve this, there must be a case on file, and the attorney must make sure your medical reports contain relevant and accurate information about your injury. Completing these doesn’t usually take long, but it can be complicated if you have tried to represent yourself.

If you already have a worker’s comp attorney representing you, they will act pre-emptively to prevent issues before they arise.   However, if you haven’t hired a workers’ comp attorney until after a serious issue arises, the attorney won’t be able to assist you immediately. It’s always best to hire a workers’ comp attorney before any serious issues arise in your case. Always contact a workers’ comp attorney if you have been injured on the job and are seeking workers’ compensation benefits.

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