Davis Law Group Explains What to Do After an Accident at Work

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Davis Law Group is a Greenville-based law firm whose practice emphasizes workers’ compensation. In a recent update, the law firm outlined what workers should do after an accident at work.

(Greenville, April 2022) In a website post, Davis Law Group has outlined what injured employees should do after an accident at work.

Accidents can happen to anyone while at work. If a worker is involved in an accident while at work, they should first report the injury and request that an injury report be filed. Employers are required to file a Form 12 A – First Report of Injury. The injury information, properly documented, will help the workers’ compensation lawyer build a strong case and help the injured employee get fair compensation.

The law firm also insisted that injured workers should seek treatment from a reputable medical provider promptly. This will help them get treatment started and begin the recovery process. The doctor should document the cause of the injuries in his report. They should then provide the medical to the Greenville workers’ comp lawyer representing the victim. This ensures that the injured employee has credible medical evidence to support their workers’ compensation claim.

Some employers or insurance companies are unwilling to compensate injured workers. They will prolong the process and delay the payment of workers’ compensation benefits to the victim so that they eventually will accept lower settlements or give up on the claim altogether. If a victim notices that their employer or insurance company is not cooperating, hiring an accomplished workers’ compensation attorney is advisable. Your workers’ comp attorney’s main goal is to help you get the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve as quickly as possible.

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