Slip & Fall/ Premises Liability

When we enter a store, go out for a walk, or get out of our car we often take for granted that the walking surface is safe. However, dangerous walking surfaces can cause serious injuries. Did you know that businesses, property owners, and government entities have a duty to safely maintain places where individuals are walking free from hazards and unsafe conditions? This duty extends in and outside of the store, and includes public sidewalks. There are national safety standards and guidelines that set the baseline for making sure walking surfaces are safe. It is the business owners job to maintain policies and procedures that make sure the store and parking lots are safe and up to code.

The American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA), OSHA, and ANSI are few of the national standards that apply to businesses, private property, and municipalities in certain circumstances. These standards apply to both new and old construction.

People often think that slip & fall cases are limited to those instances such as when a grocery store fails to mop up a spill. However, most premises liability cases are very technical and arise from a wide variety of dangerous conditions as well as the failure to inspect and discover hazards and to warn unsuspecting visitors. Common dangerous conditions include: trip hazards due the improper change in elevation, slippery surfaces, construction defects, improper ramp slope, improperly maintained stairs, and merchandise in aisles, and other unsafe conditions.

The Davis Law Group has vast experience representing individuals against both big box stores and municipalities. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a slip & fall accident, call the Davis Law Group and let us help you create a path forward.

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